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A New Way to Zero Incidents

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Discover a new way to zero incidents.

At the Incident Prevention Centre (IPC), our investigation facilitators have conducted thousands of investigations worldwide
with all types of organizations.

“No long-drawn-out complicated investigation, our leaders could not believe how many incident causes we would have missed using our old approach.”

VP of NA, Oil and Gas

“I was tasked with leading the investigation because I had taken a root cause analysis course 6 months ago, so glad I contacted IPC .”

GM Operations, Surface Mining

IPC develops comprehensive and transformative incident prevention training programs that change the way companies approach zero incidents.

“This has fundamentally changed the way we view and operate our business.”

CEO, Oil and Gas

“I have worked here for 30 years and today I learned why we continue to have bad things happen.”

Senior Manager, Drilling

For some leaders, incidents are just a cost of doing business. They normalize these events and feel the company is properly protected, until a major incident proves otherwise.

When you are ready to explore a new way to Zero Incidents.