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If you are in business, you experience business incidents.

What is a business incident?

The short answer is, it is a disturbance or problem that interrupts an event, activity or process in any department

Your company is not alone…

Pick any industry, they all have improvement/safety tools in abundance, and they all continue to have business incidents. So, what’s missing? We are:

Who are we?

The Incident Prevention Center (IPC) is focused on:

Business + Incidents

The Incident Prevention Center

A modern business strategy to stop business incidents

IPC has conducted 3000+ business incident reviews across multiple industries, and we see organizations just like yours, using the same systems and tools that fail to detect business incidents.

Traditional Systems

IPC Strategy Prevents Business Incidents

Leaders receive ‘safety’ incident prevention training but lack ‘business’  incident prevention training.


Companies require a complete understanding of business incident prevention as it applies to all aspects of the business.

Leaders do not understand why incidents occur in the business context.


All business incidents are caused by the same elements.

Leaders select tools and systems which fail to recognize business incidents.


Companies require tools and systems which identify business incident causing elements early.

Current incident prevention systems only detect safety related incidents.


The reality is a large portion of business incident causing elements go undetected in your work processes.

Because a large number of incident causing elements remain in the business undetected, incidents occur.


Leaders require a system which identifies, evaluates and removes business incident causing elements, stopping incidents before they begin.

Leaders believe their current incident prevention systems are protecting them from harm even after an incident has occurred.


If a business incident occurs, the current system failed to protect the organization from harm.

It will continue to fail if used.

Traditional incident prevention programs fail to detect
business incidents.

Are you ready to strengthen your incident prevention program to include business incidents?

  • New understanding, language and perspective of incident prevention;

  • Adjust incident prevention systems to identify hidden incident causing elements;

  • Employee engagement sessions designed to evaluate and remove incident causing elements from your work systems quickly;

  • Stop incidents before they begin.

Our proven business incident prevention
strategy is different and so are our results.

Systems and tools can identify hidden incident causing elements;

Reduction of business incidents;

Reduction of expenses across the company;

Employee satisfaction, retention, and engagement;

Improved communications;

Company reputation integrity.

You have never seen a strategy like this.

Our business incident prevention programs teach our breakthrough prevention strategy that identifies, evaluates and removes incident causing elements before a serious event occurs.

The IPC format is universal and will work with any company in any industry.


This strategy strengthens incident prevention from a business perspective, safety is a part of the overall prevention program.


IPC currently provides the following business incident
prevention services;


IPP Assessment

IPP Executive Session

IPP Expedition Session


IPP Executive Reviews

Our strict confidentiality protocols and client privacy
commitment does not allow us to list organizations by name
to the public.


The Incident Prevention Center

Our partnership means more than just having access to the most experienced business incident prevention technology, we work directly with your teams to stop incidents before they begin.

When a major incident happens, every leader wishes
they would have done something different.